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Tunes to kick off your summer break

Hello, Spectator readers! Classes might be out right now, but the Spectator will always keep readers informed. I’m here with my favorite summer songs to add to your summer playlists. These are some songs that if you see me driving around Valdosta during the day, I’ll have them blaring through my speakers with my windows down. No shame, just vibes. Let’s ...

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Ten songs to kick off your summer vacation

As the school year comes to a close, students at VSU are anticipating summer vacation and all it entails. But what’s summertime without the music behind it? Beach trips and barbeques would be incomplete without the soundtrack that goes behind them. Here are ten songs for your summer 2022. 1. “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. A cheerful song ...

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10 songs to start your spring semester off right

Between the stress of Omicron cases surging, due dates approaching fast and keeping up with the world, everyone needs an outlet to relieve their stress. Many people find relief in different activities like drawing, reading and other activities. A common theme around campus is those walking around with headphones in, blaring music. Music helps keep some people focus on work ...

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10 songs to put you in the holiday spirit

The holiday season has finally arrived to decorate, watch movies and make sweet treats. But Christmas isn’t complete without the right music playing in the background. Christmas music is what really puts people in the holiday spirit, so here is a list of the top 10 best Christmas songs to listen to get the holiday spirit. “All I Want for ...

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10 songs for spooky season

It’s autumn here at VSU, and as the days grow shorter and the air gets colder, students and staff alike are anticipating the arrival of Halloween. But what is Halloween without the right environment? Sure, pumpkin patches are a great way to celebrate. Costumes are always fun, and everyone loves the candy. But what truly makes the atmosphere is the ...

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10 songs for a relaxing fall semester

With the commencement of the fall semester and return of in-person classes, VSU has come to life. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused students to become more easily stressed with the balance of school, work and social lives. Everyone handles their stress differently: entertainment like television or social media, exercise to release energy and meditation. One method stands out and is ...

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