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Column: Universities should be the safe space that diversity needs

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills are being proposed through legislation that could cause harm towards the community, and if they are passed, universities should be a safe space and include diversity. Nearly 240 bills were proposed in legislation that restricts the rights of the transgender community and the LGBTQ+ community. One law that has been passed in Florida, known as the “Don’t Say ...

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Chappelle shakes up Internet over recent Netflix special

Dave Chappelle, a celebrity that isn’t a stranger to controversy, recently received backlash from the LGBTQIA community after the release of his recent comedy special on Netflix, “The Closer.” During his stand-up special, Chappelle responded to some questions concerning his jokes for the LGBTQIA community. He cleared up the air on his relationship and how he feels about the community. ...

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