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Comparing textbook prices for renting or buying

Rent, buy or buy online. Which one is best for your books? Students can choose between the VSU Bookstore, renting books through online companies and buying books online. I used the eight books I needed this semester to compare prices at the bookstore versus online companies. If I bought the eight books new at the bookstore my total would have ...

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VSU Spotlight: Dr. Robert Morgan, from rocket science to writing poetry

Dr. Robert Morgan did the math. Then the science. Then the writing. He’s excelled at all three. Dr. Morgan, a poet and professor, brought his words and wisdom to the students, faculty, and fans who filled the University Center Theatre at 7:30 p.m on Jan 28. as part of Georgia’s Poetry Circuit. On one occasion, Dr. Morgan did the math ...

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Lady Gaga loses some freaky and Conrad brags about her sweetie

All was golden at the Grammys! Lady Gaga finally proved to be more theatrical than freaky during her duet with Elton John. The two kicked off the show with an energizing performance that proved we still can’t read her poker face, and also proved that Elton John will always keep us speechless. Taylor Swift and Beyonce shared the stage again, ...

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Tallahassee has good deals for more cost effective vacations

So you want to get away, but don’t have that much cash. Well, make your way to Tallahassee, Fl. Tallahassee is roughly an hour and a half away and the trip both ways will not cost you more than $100. Most likely you will not be going by yourself so if you split the cost of gas up between about ...

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The Loop is a hit or miss

This time we didn’t go too far from the last place, we decided to continue on our Student Union kick and review the Loop. The atmosphere is college food court style, and it gives off the vibe of a college campus which for a college student isn’t really a bad thing. If you don’t want to sit in the food ...

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Mass Effect 2, worth every minute of playtime

Mass Effect 2 is a game that will be surprising with its depth and be a joy for every moment spent playing it. The best part of Mass Effect 2 is the story, which is made personal by every choice a player has their character make. Players start off the game by creating a character, called Commander Shepard. If players ...

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