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Student strives to beat Guinness World Record

Spike Cook, sophomore mass media major, is not your average punk with piercings. Cook can be seen on campus dressed in head-to-toe black, black boots, leather jacket, a hoodie, chains, and shades. Both of his ears are pierced as well as his tongue, nose, and lip. “I look unapproachable,” Cook says, “but if somebody talks to me I’ll talk right ...

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Learn the truth about being a vegetarian

Vegetarianism is perceived differently by everyone. Some go the meatless route due to religious reasons, while others due it out of a more PETA friendly perspective. However, there are those who pass on the meaty goodness to lose weight. Not all veggie lovers are created equal. There is a difference between a vegan and a vegetarian according to Lisa Dorfman, ...

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Mayer, shut your mouth

Well, John Mayer, it looks like you still want to run through the halls of your high school. I thought “kissing and telling” went out the window once a certain age was reached. Apparently this guy didn’t get the memo. Not only did he put one foot in his mouth with the racial slur during his interview with “Playboy,” he ...

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Amelia Island: Island getaway not too far away

The thought of not having another break from school until Spring Break in March can cause students to lose some steam. To keep this from happening, consider taking a weekend trip to Amelia Island, Fla. to relax and recharge. Amelia Island, located in northeast Florida, is approximately a two hour and 26 minute (roughly 153.8 miles) drive from Valdosta. According ...

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