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Citizens say ‘so long’ to privacy

Written by: David Lacy  By 2015, law enforcement, colleges and private users will have the chance to use drones as they see fit. This is a good thing, but it’s not without its concerns. This could be great for research. Who knows what companies such as Google could do if they had a drone to use for things like Google ...

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Players preserve the game

Written by: David Lacy Recently there have been reports of Grambling State University’s football team going on strike because of the condition of the locker rooms and weight room, complaints of long bus rides and players having to pay for their own Gatorade during games. This could have happened to any school, including VSU. We have a winning football team. ...

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Students receive access to justice

Written by: David Lacy On Aug. 23 a statewide bill in North Carolina was passed allowing students in student organizations the right to an attorney if they were brought before a disciplinary hearing. This bill is the first of its kind and does not include academic dishonesty (meaning that if you cheat, you’re on your own). “Students across America are ...

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What is a terrorist?

Written by: David Lacy   The other day in my Islam class, I was asked an interesting question. What does it actually mean to be a terrorist?   The term is usually used when referring to a group of extremist Muslims from the Middle East who use violence to get their way politically or because they believe this is how ...

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E-cigs, innovative or recreating the past?

Pro Written by: David Lacy   Just when you thought cigarettes were soon to be a thing of the past, companies are now introducing the cigarette of the future. The electronic cigarette is a newly popular type of cigarette that may not only help change the way smokers quit but could also replace their nicotine patches. Here is the catch: ...

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Allow minds to create

by David Lacy   Recently, Jared Bernstein wrote an article for the Huffington Post asking the question of whether or not the government was stifling the innovation of the people of America. This was inspired by an article that was written by Robert Shiller in the New York Times. The article is about Capitalism and the role it plays in ...

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America fights back

Red Dawn is a remake of the 1984 classic movie about a group of high school kids who take up arms against an invading communist threat.   In the remake, the cast is mostly made up of young actors and actresses– some of which you may know. Chris Hemsworth was known for his role as Thor from the Avengers, Josh ...

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Take me to your leader

Can’t we all just get along? Last week, on the day after the election, there was a lot of hostility going on between parties. Republicans were mad because their candidate was not chosen, and Democrats celebrated a second term win. I was sitting in the student union that morning, and overheard a conversation some people where having about the election. ...

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Movie Review: ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

‘Wreck it Ralph’ is a movie I have been waiting to see for quite some time now.   The thought of video game characters that I grew up with finally being in a movie was a great proposition. The question is how well it worked.   For the most part it works very well.  Most of the actual video game ...

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Wachowskis deliver another five star film

One of the things that I love about the Wachowskis as filmmakers is how divisive their movies can be among audiences.  It shows that they are not just making movies to bring in money– they do it because they have a love for it. They enjoy taking on impossible projects that most writers and directors would shy away from. “Cloud ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!