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Letter from the editor: A new era for The Spectator

Transparency, accuracy and consistency. Or at least the pursuit of it. Those are the three commitments I can make to the readers of our newspaper. The last two years have been transition years for us at The Spectator. We’ve moved from weekly print production to monthly print production all while redesigning and restructuring our website to handle the mass digital ...

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Importance of building and maintaining credit

Credit can be a foreign concept to college students, but it’s just another form of responsibility, really. However, if you’re not careful, you could end up with more debt than you need. So why use it, right? Well, building and maintaining credit can start to look a lot more urgent when you realize how many things you need to use ...

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Dating in college: positive or negative impact on academic career?

College can be one of the most exciting times of your life. You make new experiences, learn more about yourself and maybe even find that special someone. Although college can be fun, you also have to focus on your studies and make sure in the end you graduate. VSU students have definitely proved you can have it all and still ...

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Benefits of internships, how they shape your future

Internships are very crucial for students to engage in while studying in college. Students gain several benefits from internships. It allows them to acquire more knowledge in their field of study. It also helps them decide if it is something they are really interested in outside of class. Also, students gain many networking contacts from internships that will increase their ...

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