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National *insert here* day: Feel-good February edition

Have you ever noticed that every month has one of those national *whatever* days that are funny, weird or downright bizarre? This column is dedicated to spotlighting those “holidays” and show there’s more to the year than just July 4, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With these lists, we’ll keep you celebrating the holiday spirit all year long! Here’s what’s going on ...

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Stay in shape over the holidays

With the holiday season approaching, we can all dream about the nice home cooked meals we’ll enjoy. Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukah, Christmas, Ramadan and all of the other holidays that are celebrated during this time of year tend to revolve around food. According to the Calorie Control Council, a typical holiday dinner alone can carry 3,000 calories. This does not ...

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People Poll: what are you doing for the holidays?

“I’m going home to be with my family and Douglas, Ga,” said Chris Jordon, a junior mass media major. “I will also be traveling to see my family.” “Over the Thanksgiving break, I will be traveling to North Carolina and for Christmas break I will be here in Valdosta with family,” said Hannah Jones, a junior middle grades education major. ...

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Students consider if Thanksgiving should be celebrated

Thanksgiving holds a lot of different meanings for people all over America. To most college students, the holiday serves as a much-needed break from their studies and a time to clear their minds and fill their stomachs just before they go back to pulling all-nighters and cramming for finals. For sophomore mass media major, Denver Vaughn, it’s a time to ...

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Our point of view: Movies to get in the holiday spirit

It’s that jolly time of the year again. ‘Tis the season to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, drink eggnog, and ball on a budget when buying your loved ones’ gifts.   What about holiday films though, the ones that you grew up with and can’t wait to watch every year no matter how big you get? I think that people tend to forget that ...

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