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Classic horror films still terrify

I’ve compiled a list of my ten favorite horror/slasher films to help better steer you crazy kids into a more horrific holiday; unless you consider waking up next to someone who you can’t remember their name more terrifying than any visual media…

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Homeless in the park is a success for Sigmas

As the rain clouds moved in to surround Drexel Park and the drizzle started to fall, most VSU students rushed to get out of the downpour. However, over thirty students came out to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness. Tuesday, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. prepared for its first Sleep Out for the Homeless event with hopes to gather ...

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Local haunt brings scares to town

October is halfway done, and I bet all you readers are wondering where you could fulfill your primal urges to get the literal crap scared out of you. There are always the staples of Wild Adventures or the tourist traps found to the south of us in Florida; but since most of us can’t be bothered to drive 30 minutes ...

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Facebook rearranges face

So Facebook has done it again. Those shifty guys have thought that a new redesign of the already overloading website would be a terrific idea considering that we are dealing with a new redesign every six months. What are we lowly peons supposed to do in the face of this controlling force? How is the world going to run without ...

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‘Moneyball’ comparable to 90’s baseball classic, ‘Major League’

Everyone likes a good underdog story. Just think about all the past sports movies that stick in your memory as classics: “The Replacements,” the never-ending underdog story of the “Rocky” movies and then the always hysterical “Major League” franchise starring the infamous Charlie Sheen as the wild man pitcher. How strange that the part he played there somehow continued on ...

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Drive: A cinematic ride on the wild side

I spent my Sunday night reviewing the just released flick, Drive, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, a Danish filmmaker with a reputation for his auteur style. Some of you might be familiar with his other work like Bronson (2009) and Valhalla Rising (2009), which, in their own right, weren’t the most popular things to hit the big screen. But if ...

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Collegiate men of VSU hold first recruitment drive

The Collegiate Men of VSU had their first membership drive Wednesday at 7:30pm in the University Center Magnolia Room,. This brand new student organization plans on focusing on community service to the local area and a mentoring program for boys. Between 50-75 men showed up last night to listen to the presentation and show support. Their requirements start with having ...

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Eclectic dessert at its finest

So, there I was, no lie, a hot Thursday afternoon walking into Valdosta’s newest eclectic dessert shop. Now before I even set foot in the place I had a funny feeling about the place, not like “Oh my God, they have Rocky Road!” but more of “Oh crap….yogurt.” Before I hear the uproar of the local granola hippies and eco-mentalists ...

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Freshmen add to parking woes

The new school year is here and there are many things to look forward to. The VSU sports teams are gearing up for another season of intense competition. Our campus is graced with the presence of new freshmen in their foray into their collegiate careers—and another game of parking roulette begins with the gusto of a rocket blasting off to ...

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Epiphany in Germany (VSU student travels to the Rhine)

Many college students decide to travel abroad during the summer months. Jesse Freudenhammer decided to explore Germany through the Study Abroad program. I took the liberty of interviewing him over lunch and the answers to my questions were quite enlightening. James: What made you want to study in Germany? Jesse: I wanted to visit a country that matters to me. ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!