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Two VSU members died

VSU Associate Professor of Art, Danielle B. Harmon, died the morning of August 17th. She had been battling with melanoma cancer. Since 2003, she was a part of the VSU faculty in the Department of Art. She taught classes, such as foundations design and drawing. She was survived by two sons: Gus, 11, and Hopper, 2, and her husband Jamie, ...

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Twitter popular with universities

For a social network that’s been around for fewer than four years, an extraordinary amount of college campus groups across the nation have embraced the social networking tool known as Twitter. According to universitiesandcolleges.org, every college or university in the top 100 has at least one Twitter account. At VSU, several campus groups have their own Twitter account. Among those ...

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Top nine most epic pranks of all time

April Fool’s is a day that is anticipated by many. People from all over the world know that this is the one day when they can perform pranks and other practical jokes on their friends, family, and co-workers without getting blamed for it too much. Below are nine clever April Fool’s tricks taken from discoveryfun.com that we thought were worth ...

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Reaping the rewards

Sophomore shortstop Marti Littlefield has proven herself worthy of many honors in the game of softball. Following the VSU women’s softball team first-place victory at the Eckerd Triton Spring Invitational two weekends ago, the Gulf South Conference named Littlefield the GSC Player of the Week in the East Division. Littlefield was also the best freshman softball player of all time ...

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Valdosta does not support recycling

Growing up, my parents constantly made me aware of the importance of recycling. While it was difficult at first to remember which items were recyclable and which weren’t, it eventually became an issue that we all valued and cared about. We felt that we were doing our little part to save the world. Once I moved to Valdosta, I was ...

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Little things can help you save lots of loot

 A majority of college students are faced with tight budgets, low incomes, and empty pockets each year. In these bad economic times, it is important to remember how valuable it is to constantly save those bucks. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when faced with money setbacks.  Take your spare change to a CoinStar at your local ...

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