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BREAKING: Stabbing reported, VSU on lock down

OCT. 10, 2013–At approximately 10 p.m., VSU Communications and Media Relations confirmed a stabbing occurred on the Pedestrian Mall at main campus. An unidentified person was stabbed and rushed to South Georgia Medical Center. There are no current reports confirming if the victim and/or suspect were members of the VSU campus community. There is also no word on the arrest ...

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Students, quit blaming the system

Written by: Jennifer Gleason   When I was in the second grade, the quadratic formula, variables and polynomials were the last things on my mind.   That’s what elementary school students are now learning: algebra—a subject that already befuddles many middle and high school students. I can’t imagine being seven years old and having to learn algebra (that might also be ...

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Student Life plans to enforce GPA policy

by Jennifer Gleason   Last week, campus buzzed with rumors that student organization members would be required to have a 2.5 GPA to be involved. “That is, as many things in life are, just a rumor,” said Erin Sylvester, Greek Life assistant director for organizational development. The truth: Student Life is finally enforcing a policy in which members are required ...

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Korean classes offered for fall

Written by Jennifer Gleason   Students can expand their knowledge of foreign languages further during fall semester with the addition of Korean language courses. The Center for International Programs, in conjunction with Modern and Classical Languages, has offered Japanese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese for years, and they are available again for registration in the fall. With over 100 Korean exchange ...

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Spectator Taster: Jessie’s offers healthy lunch options

Written by Jennifer Gleason & Amber Smith Jennifer: Jessie’s Eats & Treats is in that same nook downtown that the Bleu Café is hidden. When you walk in, there is a narrow space between the order counter and the tables, but the space is large enough to move around in and be served. The menu took up a few large ...

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Curriculum cripples students

This editorial was written by Jennifer Gleason & Rebecka McAleer   Back in March, CNN reported on 35 Georgia public school educators and administrators who were indicted on a cheating scandal. It’s a peculiar report, given that educators and school administrators are often the first to preach about honesty and policies against plagiarism and other forms of cheating. Middle school ...

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True Korean flavor found in local restaurant

Written by Amber Smith & Jennifer Gleason   Locally owned and operated Korea Garden offers a fresh, authentic taste. Amber: Ethnic cuisine aficionados will love the menu at Korea Garden, a locally owned and operated restaurant on St. Augustine Road offering traditional Korean dishes as well as Korean barbeque. The building’s exterior hasn’t really changed since it belonged to a ...

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Bleu Pub: local, ‘much classier than a bar’

Written by Amber Smith & Jennifer Gleason   This week, the Spectator Tasters headed downtown for a taste of what a local restaurant has to offer. Amber: The Bleu Pub is one of several “Bleu” establishments in downtown Valdosta. The Pub is located on Hill Avenue, right on the very edge of the downtown area. It’s got a kind of ...

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Faculty questions Dead Day

Written by Jennifer Gleason   Faculty Senate met last Thursday, and discussed getting rid of Dead Day–the 24 hours before final exams that students use to study and relax. When Dr. Maren Clegg-Hyer wrote a letter to the Faculty Senate, she noted that faculty rarely gets to attend the graduation ceremonies for their students because they spend their entire weekend ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!