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Baytree Car Accident takes out street pole

On Wednesday Jan. 27 a car collision occurred right outside of the Student Union on Baytree Road causing a street pole to crash into the North Oak street entrance to the Student Union. Mary Morton, a junior ASL deaf education major, said she was the first to call 9-1-1. “I was sitting in the Student Union when I was looking ...

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Democrat Rafael Warnock leads GA Senate race to run-offs

Georgia voting isn’t quite done yet as the special election continues into a run-off scheduled for Jan. 5. Last night on Election Day, Republicans Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins, along with Democrat Rafael Warnock took the polls for a seat in Georgia U.S. Senate. According to 11alive.com, Georgia was the only state with two U.S. Senate seats on the Nov. ...

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VSU extends withdrawal period due to COVID-19

Students get a breather this semester as the VSU Faculty Senate has decided to give them extra time to withdraw from any classes. The withdrawal date for fall 2020 has been extended from Oct. 15 until Nov. 12, according to the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Services, Sharon Gravett. Gravett sent out an email to faculty, students and staff ...

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Kamala Harris may break barriers this upcoming election

From running against each other to joining the same ticket, it is time to clear the air about Senator Kamala Harris and her intentions with Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden. Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris has had citizens on the edge of their seat since running in the 2020 election back in Jan. 21, 2019. After dropping out of the ...

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VSU COVID-19 updates compared to other Georgia colleges

VSU students no longer need to play the guessing game as VSU will begin conducting weekly data updates of COVID-19 cases on campus. “VSU will be releasing its data weekly and on Fridays starting this week,” Robbyn DeSpain, the director of strategic communications said. “The data that will be available is current active cases involving faculty/staff and current active cases ...

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CDC does not recommend masks with valves

All masks are not created equal. On Aug. 6, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that certain masks are not as effective as others. The University System of Georgia and CDC have partnered in requiring all schools providing face-to-face curriculum to wear masks on-campus for safety purposes. The four basic masks consist of surgical, cloth, KN95, and masks ...

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VSU’s return plan compared to CDC COVID-19 guidelines

VSU may be testing the waters by reopening campus, but at least they’re meeting guidelines. VSU’s “Return to Campus Plan” was released on July 1, informing students, faculty, and staff on how the university’s fall 2020 semester will proceed and explaining plans to avoid anyone contracting the virus in the VSU community. According to the Wall Street Journal, two recent ...

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VSU IT eases process of Online Student Account Center

Checking balances have now become easier for students. The VSU Information Technology Department has now granted direct access to the Online Student Account Center. The OSAC is where students and any persons they authorize to log in can check balances created by tuition, fees and other financial payments between student and university. Before the change, students had to put in ...

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VSU community continues to come together through virtual events

VSU student organizations, including Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity and Campus Board Activities continue to keep students actively engaged in the VSU community through virtual events on social media. The most interactive social media platform for VSU organizations is Instagram with a feature that allows students to “go live” and broadcast any events they hold. Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity ...

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VSU’s financial aid pays for book

VSU Day 1 textbook savings program seeks to help students pay for their course materials at lower rates through the bookstore by automatically charging students with the lowest prices by the publishers, according to the auxiliary services. Professors have the option of offering this program to their classes, allowing students to purchase the required texts using their financial aid. The ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!