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VSU graduation lacks celebrity

As a hopeful spring graduate, pending a few miracles in two classes, I wonder where Oprah and Michelle Obama will be since they won’t be at Valdosta State University’s commencement ceremony. In fact, there won’t be a D-List celebrity, F-List celebrity, or even one of Tiger Wood’s many escorts speaking at the May 8 graduation. In the last two years, ...

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SGA presidential run-off

The Student Government Association will be holding a run-off election between Senator Demario Jones and Vice President Chris Nish on Monday, April 26. While Jones managed to accumulate the most votes, he failed to achieve the mandatory 50 percent plus one of the student votes to win the presidential seat in the SGA. The elections turned out 1,734 votes this ...

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Sodexo may leave campus

Sodexo, the company responsible for Hopper and Palms, may soon find themselves saying goodbye to Valdosta State University. After five years of food service with VSU, Sodexo’s contract will expire in March 2011. Prior to the fall of 2006, the dining services of VSU were controlled by the school. Since the arrival of Sodexo to campus, dining at VSU has ...

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Diet pills are ultimately a waste of money

The idea that a pill could make me lose weight quickly has always been somewhat appealing, despite FDA bans, poor research on my part, and fine print cons. Living in such a lazy society that is stuck on the “ideal weight,” sometimes it’s hard not to get sucked into all the fast fixes. Over the last three years, I have ...

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Stay on top of your stress

Stress is a daily factor of college life. Whether it is adjusting to life away from home or balancing a full load of classes with a chaotic work schedule, stress can put a lot of strain on a body. “I am married and have a young son, of course, I get stressed. But I try to control it before it ...

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Watch your diet, heath food has become a relative term

 Only three weeks into the spring semester and everyone is already thinking about one thing: Spring Break.  While our minds may be thinking of beaches, board shorts, and bikinis, most of our bodies are still recovering from the winter break.  The holidays brought home cooked meals, candy canes, and lazy days.  We basked in the gluttonous habits associated with having ...

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Recession means new projects at VSU

VSU, once a campus that many considered at the least nice, now reminds me of some less attractive campuses.  Have you seen Fort Valley? One word: Eww. With the exception of my freshman year, most of my time on campus has been a constant annoyance.  It was my year in Converse that brought me the most annoyance with all the ...

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‘2012’ movie fell flat in many facets

The idea of the world ending in 2012 is mind-blowing until I saw the movie “2012,” which left me only wanting the movie to end. I went to the movie already disheartened when I realized the disaster movie was 2 hours and 38 minutes long and the commercials seemed like déjà vu of another movie.  Does anyone remember “The Day ...

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1 Card protection an issue at VSU

 Despite the recent arrest of three VSU students, it seems as though many students find themselves unconcerned with the rules associated with having a 1 Card.  The 1 Card is issued to every VSU student and is intended for the use of the cardholder only.  Whether it is swiping your card for your meal plan or using your Blazer Bucks ...

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Lady Blazers wrap up season at home

 The end of the season is approaching rapidly for the Lady Blazers volleyball squad as they head into their Parents’ Day game on Saturday against West Alabama.  But the Lady Blazers have plenty to be excited about as they approach the weekend. After the Lady Blazers crushed Fort Valley with a 3-0 sweep, West Georgia’s loss to North Alabama last ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!