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Election Update: Georgia’s governor still undecided

More than a week after Election Day, Georgia voters still don’t know who their governor is. Stacey Abrams has declined to concede victory to Brian Kemp until all ballots cast are counted; Kemp’s campaign has claimed that it’s “mathematically impossible” for Abrams to tally enough votes to force a run-off. There’s also been disagreement regarding the number of votes left ...

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Editorial: Georgia governor’s race needs to rewrite history

The VSU Spectator is asking Brian Kemp to rewrite history. We’d like to ask this gubernatorial candidate to rewrite history in an actual sense. We’d be thrilled to see Kemp go back to the moment he announced his decision to run for governor of Georgia and step down from his position as secretary of state, to ensure a fair election. ...

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Two for two: Stacey Abrams returns to VSU

Chanting and “woo-ing” filled Jennet Lecture Hall as a crowd composed of students, faculty and community members of over 300 individuals vocalized their zeal for Stacey Abrams’ return to Valdosta. VSU’s Young Democrats orchestrated the event once again allowing Abrams to engage with students and drill in the importance of voting. The Democratic 2018 gubernatorial candidate stood front and center ...

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Recap: Stacey Abrams sends VSU a message

“My name is Stacey Abrams and I intend to be the next governor of Georgia.” It’s this statement that the 2018 Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia used to impact and draw in the crowd. At an event hosted by the Young Democrats of Valdosta State University on Aug. 23 in Powell Hall, Abrams discussed her vision for Georgia in ...

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Students and Valdosta residents take in Abrams’ message

Empowering, inspirational and wonderful are just some of the words used in reaction to Stacey Abrams’ visit to VSU. The Democratic gubernatorial nominee visited VSU on Thursday, Aug. 23 in hopes of inspiring the Valdosta masses to look forward to future opportunities. “Valdosta is emblematic as to why we need to be thinking about all of Georgia,” Abrams said. “You ...

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Preview: Stacey Abrams comes to VSU

As you read this, Stacey Abrams, Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, is in route to VSU for a town hall style Q&A which is open to all students. The event, hosted by the Young Democrats of VSU, occurs on Aug. 23 at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium of Powell Hall. Her plan is to share her “Jobs for Georgia” ...

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