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Never give up when the going gets tough

   During my experiences at VSU, I have been faced with many ups and downs. �   I have been faced with challenges, both on and off campus as well as in and out of the classroom. We all have.    The difference between me and those who dropped out, packed up and shipped out is that I never gave ...

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Home invaded near campus

The case of a home invasion near Williams and Moore Street is still under investigation. Director of Information Technology Joe Newton sent out a mass e-mail today at 4:47 p.m., to inform the VSU community of the incident. VPD contacted the VSUPD about the incident and asked for students to report any suspicious activity. “People are urged to be cautious ...

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President search progresses after sessions with general campus

In the past 10 days, four candidates visited VSU with the hopes of moving one step closer to the highly coveted position of VSU president. If VSU’s Presidential Search and Screen Committee decides not to interview more candidates, the committee will choose three of the four candidates and submit an unranked list to the Regents’ Special Committee. Out of that ...

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Alert possible false alarm

Suspicious activity was afoot on Friday, or so one student thought. The VSU police department was notified by a student that a male in a blue windbreaker was asking students to see student IDs by the Bailey Science Center. Thressea Boyd, assistant to the president for communications, sent out a mass e-mail alert to faculty, staff and students at 1:40 ...

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A very Bublé Christmas

The turkey has been carved and served. Now the eggnog is ready to be doled out, the presents are ready to be bought and wrapped, the decorations are ready to be strung, lit and hung. Finals and Christmas break is in sight. What other perfect star on the holiday tree than the Michael Bublé Christmas CD. Producing albums since 2003 ...

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VSU one step closer to Ashley Cinemas purchase

Ashley Cinemas, Valdosta’s $1.99 theatre, might one day be no more when VSU’s purchase of the theatre becomes finalized. VSU’s proposal to purchase Ashley Cinemas for various possibilities such as parking space, lecture halls and even for demolition was approved in September by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. “We have to look at the way the campus ...

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Fox misrepresents journalism

If Fox News serves as your primary news source, find a new source. Depriving and slanting information defeats the point of a news organization.

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VSU ignores veterans’ event

Nov. 11, 2011. 11/11/11. A rare date of wish making and parties was also an annual date of remembrance, or did you forget? By the looks of the crowd, or lack thereof, on the front lawn for VSU’s National Roll Call, it would seem so. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., 52 people within the VSU and Valdosta communities stood ...

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Protests change our world

They marched. They fought. They shouted, protested and prayed. And they won. Tuesday marked the final day of Valdosta voting. Along with the new mayor (congratulations John Gayle), Sunday alcohol referendum (alcohol is now sold on Sundays in Valdosta, awesome) and Valdosta Council at Large, the no school consolidation movement succeeded. While a few, the 1 percent if you will, ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!