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Weighing Affirmative Action

The idea that affirmative action is preventing white students from getting a great education because colleges are admitting unqualified minorities is nothing more than an offensive joke. Despite the narrative that some may try to paint, minority students are in college because they are able to stand on their own merits and no amount of twisting facts and distorted history ...

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News channels are biased, unbiased

There’s no secret that Fox News and MSNBC have taken strong political stances, which has led to the two networks becoming news rivals and political safe havens for key political figures. Fox News has long been considered the spokesperson for Republican ideas due to the network’s strong and carefully designed news presentation that purposely appeals to the conservative base. Not ...

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Do I look like a suspect?

Shoot first. Ask questions later. Almost a year ago, Trayvon Martin was shot dead for looking suspicious to the self- appointed neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman. That night, Martin sported a black hoodie, which some people suggested was the main factor leading to his death. To most logical thinking human beings, that theory is complete BS, but even Zimmerman admitted that ...

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‘Politechs’: Voting research goes viral

With the use of smartphones on the rise, news organizations and the Obama and Romney campaigns have devoted their resources to creating political apps to keep the American people up to date about the presidential election. Due to the widespread ownership of these devices, the consumption of news is more accessible than ever, and the content you consume varies depending ...

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GOP: A confused party

It is clear that the Republican Party of today is not the same party it was when it was under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln. As a party that prides itself on its involvement in the abolitionist movement as well as the women’s suffrage movement, the Republicans have since lost the values upon which they were founded and claim to ...

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Lady Blazers hold high hopes for new season

 Coming off of a dissatisfying but promising 2011 season, the VSU Women’s volleyball team is suiting up to host their first game of the season on August 31st.      VSU is hosting the Fairfield Inn and Suites Azalea Classic that will be held in the PE complex with the first one beginning at 9a.m. and the last one beginning at 7 ...

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Students prep for buyback

With the end of the semester approaching students are finishing up their classes and studying for finals. Many consider this the most stressful time of the school year. For better or worse, the end of the semester coincides with book buyback. “Book buyback helps me figure out which classes I need to study for because once I sell my book ...

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Cain campaign remains strong

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain has been slammed with sexual harassment charges for the past two months. Despite the allegations of these women, Cain’s popularity has remained steady in the GOP presidential field. This comes as no surprise since sex scandals and politics seem to go hand in hand; involving many political figures such as former President Bill Clinton and ...

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Obama offers loan relief to students

A new plan has been put into effect to help reduce the $1 trillion debt of student loans held by college graduates. The plan, currently known as The Loan Forgiveness Program, was supposed to go into effect in 2014. However recent studies published by the College Board put pressure on the government to make this program go into effect next ...

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Muammar Gaddafi Dead

Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was pronounced dead Oct. 20. The death sent shock and a lot of confusion around the world when the video footage of his death and capture leaked. Several news stations pronounced Gaddafi dead after the footage of the first video went viral. Later the stations came back on air to say that Gaddafi was indeed ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!