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Jury reaches verdict on Zaccari trial

Both sides are touting victory following the trial between former VSU president Dr. Ronald Zaccari and former VSU student Hayden Barnes. A federal jury in Atlanta ruled that Dr. Zaccari violated Barnes’ rights to due process. The court decided that Dr. Zaccari must pay $50,000 with a 15-percent annual interest increase in addition to all court fees. “I am pleased ...

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WGST asks Valdosta to rise up, strike back

There are approximately three-billion women in the world. Approximately one-billion of those women will be assaulted, either sexually or physically, in their lifetime. VSU plans to join others around the world in one, large, revolution to end these atrocities. “This one-out-of-three translates to One Billion women worldwide, and being a woman and having many friends, coworkers, and relatives who are ...

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Event to mix math, jams

Written by Will Lewis   They may not be MC5, but the Math department is looking to “kick out the jams” in their own way this week.   Dr. Shaun Ault, VSU math professor, is headlining this week’s Science Seminar, with his presentation titled, “Cycles in Music and the Mathematics of Rhythm” and dubbed “The Musings of a Mathematician.”   ...

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VPD investigating shotgun incident

Written by Will Lewis   The investigation continues into an alleged attempted robbery and the shotgun blast that followed, according to the Valdosta police. Late Sunday evening, VSU student Don Beard claimed that he opened his door to the barrel of a gun with the robber behind it. He said that roommates ended the episode with a blast from his ...

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Church supports equal rights

The same church that has held the funerals of presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and the inaugurations of FDR and current president Barack Obama, will now ring its bells in favor of equal rights.   The U.S claims to stand for equal rights and freedom for all of its citizens. If this is so then why is there such ...

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City aims for safety for cyclists

The City of Valdosta wants to makes roads safer for bikers.   Several students want bike lanes on roads such as Baytree and Bemiss to ensure student safety.   “My roommate was riding her bike on Baytree and was hit by a car,” Ashley Dailey, a junior English major, said. “I feel like bike lanes would contribute to bikers’ safety.” ...

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