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People Poll: How does swine flu on-campus make you feel?

Dyeshera Anderson
Freshman Psychology major

“Personally, I would be scared but I’m sure the Health Center is taking care of it and South Georgia Medical Center is taking care of it so I’m kind of at ease about it.”

Lauren Sanders
Sophmore Pre- Pharmacy major

“I didn’t know. Scary.”

Ryan Smith
Sophmore Education major

“I think it’s an over-reaction.  I don’t think swine flu’s as big of a deal that everyone’s making it out to be.  More people die from the regular flu every year than the swine flu.”

Manny Cohen
Freshman English major

“Pretty disturbing. I mean you have to pretty much clean after yourself now, I bought some Clorox wipes and stuff.  I had the flu recently.  I don’t know if it’s swine flu, or what it was, but I recently became sick, so I took extra precautions.”

Ashley Shuman
Sophmore Accounting and Finance major

“It kind of makes you worried.”

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