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Kanye’s big fudge and Ellen’s made a judge

Pop Addict
By Kristal Jones

Yes! My request for Hollywood to go mad has been granted! Over the last week we had two celebrities to lose their marbles at the MTV VMA’s (Video Music Awards), a sassy and very funny DeGeneres take over Idol, and a quirky country blonde win a half a million dollars.
Before we get to all of the exciting news of the current pop culture, I have to pay tribute to the late 57-year-old, Patrick Swayze who lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on Monday. Swayze was best known for his sexy breakthrough role of dance instructor, Johnny Castle in “Dirty Dancing” and Sam Wheat in the steamy film “Ghost.” Swayze will definitely be missed.
So what’s an MTV awards show without a little drama? Surprisingly it didn’t come from the crude and sexually vulgar host, Russell Brand, this time around. The show was filled with insane fashion choices coming from the weird Lady Gaga, amazing tributes to MJ from Madonna and his baby sister, Janet Jackson, and the most talked about of the night… two unbelievably crazy and rude stage crashers, Kanye West and Lil’ Mama.
When the fabulous Taylor Swift won the first VMA award for Best Female Video Sunday night, she proceeded to start her acceptance speech when the ultimate stage crasher, Kanye West ran up and took the mic right out of Swift’s hands and announced that that award really should have belonged to Beyonce. West took up all of Swift’s speech time and was eventually booed off stage and kicked out of the building. I honestly didn’t think West could be any more obnoxiously full of himself than he already was, but this topped it all.
The night of crashers didn’t end there. During Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance of “Empire State of Mind,” the “America’s Best Dance Crew” host Lil’ Mama decided that she would add to the performance by getting up on stage out of nowhere, obviously unwelcomed. I mean, what was going on in their heads that night? But what made up for West’s dramatic scene, was when Beyonce won for Video of the year, and asked Taylor Swift to come up and have her second chance at an acceptance speech. What a classy move Beyonce!
After a long season of drama, deals and disses this summer’s “Big Brother 11,” finally ended Tuesday night with the grand prize winner of half a million dollars, Jordan Lloyd. She played the whole season hiding under the radar as a sweet and incredibly clueless young blonde who posed as a non-threat the entire time. The second place (newly engaged) winner, Natalie Martinez, also walked away with a prize of fifty thousand dollars.
The one judge that everyone loved for her sweet comments towards the contestants, Paula Abdul, has been officially replaced with the dance-loving comedian Ellen DeGeneres on “American Idol.” Although DeGeneres has no background experience with music, she still will be making her way into that fourth chair, joining judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi for the ninth season. Due to a contract dispute, Abdul quit, and then was quickly replaced with a number of guest judges for the “try-out rounds,” (set to air in January) but it will be DeGeneres sitting with the rest of the judges following the tryout rounds. DeGeneres will be looking at a very busy schedule come January, since she will also keep her job as talk show host during the day. I guess she’ll make the show fun to watch, and even though she doesn’t know anything about how to carry a tune, neither does America who are the ones that holds the contestants fate in voting. In other words she’ll be judging just like America would, I think it just might be a good fit.
Thank goodness for the crazy nuts running around Hollywood, “Pop Addict” would not be interesting if it weren’t for them. Good job Kanye and Lil’ Mama, keep up the good work!

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