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Rant and Rave of the Week: September 17, 2009


A Cry for a Blazer’s Stadium
I don’t like the fact that our Valdosta State Blazers, twice National Champions over the last 5 years, and reoccurring top 10 team in the Nation, don’t have their own stadium. How excited am I expected to get when I see Cedric Jones returning an interception for a touchdown when he’s running into an end zone painted yellow and black? I understand that the stadium is one of the nicest high school stadiums in Georgia, and that it’s in a great location. However, I think it’s about time that the budget committee start using some of those random and ridiculous fees that college students are charged for, like towel contracts, parking passes and a $7.50 lunch at the Palms that’s not worth feeding to your dog, to give the Blazer Nation something to be proud of.
Steven Johnson – Senior Finance major

Creek Blues
I have been making the walk from the University Center to main campus for the last several years and have always been disgusted that there is always trash in the creek by the bridges. If there were trash cans on at least one side of the bridge this problem could easily be resolved!

Branden Whitehead- Senior Criminal Justice major


Rec Center’s Job Well-Done
I do like the many options that students are given to stay active and healthy. VSU’s recreation staff has full time employees like Adam Smith, who you can find almost any day during the week willing and able to help you to learn to climb the rock wall in the Recreation Center. There are advanced swimming classes and weight training classes available that are not only great exercise, but worth valuable credit hours. I personally have participated in many of the offered intramural sports and adventure programs like whitewater rafting trips, camping, and triathlon events. I’d like to see this area of VSU advance and improve, but I also think they’re doing an excellent job.

Steven Johnson – Senior Finance major

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