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People Poll: Which do you prefer: Hopper or Palms?

Cameron Woods
Senior Computer Technology major

“I’m a commuter student so I don’t really eat there and it’s irrelevant to my campus life.  If I’m going to pay cash, I rather get what I like, so I cook.”

Alex Perry
Junior Business Management major

“I think there should just be one because they both have almost the same thing except for the Chinese food in Hopper.  There should be a McDonald’s or Burger King on campus instead.”

Mary Henderson
Freshman Theatre major

“I really like Palms and I go almost everyday.  I’ve been to Hopper twice and they’re both nice.”

Valerie Bloodworth
Freshman Music Education major

“I like Hopper better than Palms, but they’re both okay.”

Carson Lamb
Sophomore major undecided

“I like Hopper much better than Palms because Hopper has a larger variety and better quality of food.”

Gracie Bryant
Junior Psychology major

“I like Hopper better but I haven’t been to either due to being busy.  I like to get my food on the go because I don’t have time to sit down inside and eat.”

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