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Rant and Rave of the Week: September 24, 2009


A Beautiful Campus
 I would like to commend whoever is responsible for making VSU’s campus as beautiful as it is. I would also like to applaud the fact that VSU is working to improve our campus through the renovation of older buildings and the construction of new ones. Through this and the continual expansion of VSU throughout Valdosta, I feel that VSU will not only have a beautiful campus, but will also make Valdosta a more beautiful city to live in.
Megan Pulido -Senior Political Science major


A Call to Arms
  What in the world happened to the student body? Seriously, we’re six weeks into the semester and you all have been silent as if we are living in a police state. Liberty isn’t dead yet folks, so start making some noise and tell us what you think about the current events that are occurring on campus. Remember, this newspaper is just as much yours as it is ours.

Kenny Bush- Staff Writer

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