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Upcoming forum to discuss controversial use of Southern symbols

Lendi Dickson
Staff Writer

  This Monday at 7 p.m. in the University Center, the Mary Turner Project is hosting an event to draw attention to the controversial use of southern symbolism in fraternities.
 The Mary Turner Project originated from the 1918 racial injustice of Mary Turner’s murder.                  Since then, the group of Valdosta citizens as well as the faculty and students of Valdosta State University have gathered to educate others regarding racism, its effects, and how it can be eliminated. The purpose of theforum on Monday is to address the use and meaning of southern symbols, mainly regarding the Confederate flag displayed at the SAE house.
 “IWe have to deconstruct our historical practices for institutionally sanctioned prejudice cultural norms,” said Dr. Tracy Meyers, proffessor of sociology and MTP member, “…ignoring or trivializing our past’s patterned behaviors allows them to be repeated in the future.”
 When  SAE began showcasing the Confederate flag, members of the MTP became concerned and felt it was necessary to construct a meeting regarding the flag. Attending the meeting will be a panel compiled of experts in specific historical areas.
 The panel consists of Dr. Marc Pufong, proffessor of political science,  regarding interpretations of the first amendment, Maggie Viverett, Director of Equal Opportunity Programs andMulticultural affairs, David Williams, history proffesor, discussing southern history and Dr. Mark George, sociology proffesor. Representatives from the SAE fraternity will also attend to defend their reasoning as to why they choose to display the flag.
 If students are interested in attending this event, it will be held at 7 p.m. in the second Magnolia room in the University Center on Monday, Sept. 28.

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