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SGA nominates judicial board

Ariel Felton
Staff Writer

 In the most recent meeting of the SGA, held this Monday at 8 p.m., the senators elected justices, nominated senators for empty seats and also attempted to review the newest suggested changes to the constitution, causing the meeting to run over two hours.
 The first order of business was the judicial board nominees: Morgan Roberts, Katie Wagnon, Jamesha Shelton and Matt Schmidt. President Kelli Cody stated that the nominees were chosen out of 16 other candidates based on their leadership qualities, social skills, passion for the job and prior experience. Each nominee was given a chance to make a quick 30 second speech before they were sent out of the room for voting. Plans changed, however, when the senators proposed that the nominees also be questioned by the senate before voting. Each nominee was then brought back in to be questioned for five minutes and afterwards all four nominees were elected into the judicial board.
 Also discussed in Monday’s meeting were the newest updates from the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center has ordered 5,000 H1NI shots, resumed conducting Pap smears and has also added a fourth provider, who will start at the end of the month. The Student Health Center also wants students to be aware of the free hand sanitizer, masks, thermometers and appointment history sheets, which are available if a student needs to prove to a teacher why they were absent.
 Next, several different sub-committees received a chance to announce any news they might have, such as the cookout planned by Campus Outreach. Still in the planning stages, Campus Outreach discussed raffle tickets, surveys and even possibly performers for the cookout. The cookout is currently scheduled for Oct. 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Palms Quad, but that is subject to change because another cookout was scheduled at the same time. Campus Outreach also introduced the possibility of an “Early Thanksgiving Dinner and Can Drive.”
 The focus of the meeting then moved to reviewing the newest suggested changes to the Constitution. Packets detailing the changes were given out some time before the meeting with the request that the senators read over them and come to the meeting with their questions and ideas ready. Going line by line, the changes would be explained and any senators who had a question or an amendment were allowed to speak. It became clear that not everyone had honored Cody’s request. Cody stated several times that if all the senators had read the packet and done as she asked, the process would have gone more smoothly than it did.
 The meeting was finally adjourned after the senate was able to agree to meet again on Sunday at 4 p.m. to examine the constitution.

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