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Twitter is making Miley sick as Jon and Kate throw a big ole money fit

 So, we’re going to start off with some talk about one of our fiercest female rockers.
 Avril Lavigne has filed for divorce from her hubby, Sum 41 leader Deryck Whibley, for ‘irreconcilable differences.’ The rock-pop duo has been married for three years since July 2006, and made the initial split with a legal separation since Sept. 4. Luckily there are no kids involved. It’s still just so sad though, when even the cutest most “confessingly in love” couples can’t last. Where’s the love ya’ll?
 One of America’s most followed little teeny-boppers in ‘Twitterverse,’ Miley Cyrus has announced she is closing her account for good. After being stalked by random people, having her tweets turned into news, and people accusing her of not tipping on a $70 bill at a restaurant, Miley has had enough.
 I imagine Miley is getting sick and tired of living under a microscope; this is just one attempt to making her life just a bit more private. But then again, you sign your life away once you become famous; it’s your duty to entertain the rest of America. Oh how can we go on in a world without Miley tweets? She is forever going to be labeled as the Twitter-Quitter, good job Miley!
 While a Disney princess says peace out, an R&B diva says count me in! Singer Rihanna has officially joined the party on Twitter. Better late than never. Her first tweet was to announce her next album set to debut on Nov. 23. Finally, another album from the beautiful Rihanna- the last one was in 2007. I hope it’ll be worth the wait.
 Shocker! The Gosselins made it in the news again for another week. Jon and Kate made their first appearance in court this week for round one. With many issues on how to split their millions, money was definitely the first matter at hand.
 Judge Arthur Tilson has ordered Jon to return $180,000 of the $235,000 he withdrew from the bank account he shares with Kate by Oct. 26, which is a major violation of a previous ruling. The remaining $55,000 will be subject to further determination on a later date.
 Jon may not be the only one who will have to spit out some cash. He ratted out his beloved wife for hiding some money and proceeds she received from book sales. Kate was also ordered to show up in court on Oct. 26 with a detailed account of her finances.
 The Project Runway host and Victoria Secret model Heidi Klum and her musician husband Seal, welcomed their second baby girl (fourth child) Lou Sulola Samuel on Friday.
 See you all next week Blazers, for some more gossip that make’s you want to say ‘OMG!’

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