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Put your whining in perspective

Out of all the things to complain about here at VSU, a big one is parking. “I have to park so far away.” “I get parking tickets all the time.” “I can’t sign up for my classes because of all of my unpaid parking tickets.” We’ve all made some sort of complaint like this, but our suggestion now would be to stop and start to take some responsibility and put these complaints in perspective.
 We all know the Parking and Transportation Department is not perfect. More than one student has had to deal with an aggravating appeal for a wrongly given ticket. We are not in any way saying those complaints are not legitimate. Other complaints, however, can get kind of ridiculous.
 Like the complaint about having to park too far away. Really? The farthest away you have to park is Sustella Parking Deck and we do have buses if you want to wait for them. Have we gotten so lazy as a society that we can’t walk from that parking deck to Main Campus? We’ve got people in other countries who have to walk three miles every day to get water from a well, but we can’t make a little trek that’s less than a mile? Think of it as getting some daily exercise.
As for the complaint about getting parking tickets all the time, spend five minutes to look up on VSU’s website where you can park.   Don’t park in spaces marked “staff” or “reserved.” We all made it to college so I think we are smart enough to figure out where we can and can’t park. And if you knew you couldn’t park there, well, that’s a risk that you took. You wouldn’t be the only one who lost that game.
 Lastly, there is the complaint about holds because of parking tickets. Pay your tickets…there’s no way to break it down any more than that. Go online or to the Parking and Transportation office in Sustella Parking Deck, suck it up and pay it. Also read the above paragraph and figure out how to stop getting parking tickets.
Many of these complaints are born out of laziness. We don’t want to walk so far to class and we don’t want to figure out what we need to do. Let’s try to get organized and break out of our constant search for comfort. You might be surprised by the benefits.

This editorial was written by Ashley George (
ajgeorge@valdosta.edu) and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

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