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People Poll: How would you evaluate your students this semester?

Anne Bowen
Spanish Professor

“I would give the student body a B based on [that] overall the students here are great kids, but they have room for improvement.”

John Dunn
History Professor

“I would say better than passing, because students are more into history. They do their work and they get more into it. I was 19 once too, but I think our students are doing well.”

Dr. Gladwin
Spanish Professor

“Over all I would give them a B+. I think that a lot of students balance jobs or live far away. I think those that are on campus are very active. But you can’t give everyone an A.”

Dr. Elliott
English Professor

“B- Students do just enough to get by.”

Ed Braun
English Professor

“If I had to give them a grade at this point, it’s too hard to say there’s a prismatic effect among our students today, on the whole our over achievers are in their A’s for the general student body maybe a C+.”

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