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Tropical Smoothie gives us a nice, if pricy, place

This time I was by myself, so I decided to get something light. I also wanted to get a warm escape from these rainy winter days, so I headed down to Tropical Smoothie on Baytree Rd.
One thing I have to say for this place, and smoothie places in general actually—it had a very colorful interior. It kind of made me happy after I came in out of the rain. The atmosphere definitely lives up to its tropical name. There are murals on the wall of beaches and tiki statues. Bright colors are all over; it’s a pretty happy place to be in.
The prices are up there for what you get. I even decided to get a kid’s portion instead of a normal portion of the food. You will spend about $5 on a smoothie and $5 to $6 on a sandwich or a wrap.
Service was nice. The guy at the counter was accommodating and wasn’t even annoyed when I waited forever to add on the Early Bird wrap. It might have been a little easier because I came at an off-time and there was no one else there.
I had the Kiwi Citrus Green Tea smoothie and the Early Bird kid’s breakfast wrap. The one thing I didn’t like is that they didn’t use all fresh ingredients. For a lot of the fruits, they did use fresh ones, but for some of the more exotic fruits, like pomegranates, they used a concentrate. The smoothie tasted really good though. You could really taste the flavor and they give you a pretty big cup (there is only one size). The Early Bird was a breakfast wrap with eggs, cheese, chicken, tomatoes and bistro sauce. The sauce was tangy and creamy. It was very good. The wrap was baked so it was just the right amount of crispy. For all of this, I spent about $7.50.
Tropical Smoothie was a nice place to get away from the rain because of the atmosphere and the food and smoothies tasted great. But the high prices and concentrated ingredients will keep me from giving this place a regular visit. I’m going to give Tropical Smoothie four and a half stars out of five.

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