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Blazers prepare for a new season

 Greg Guilliams, head coach for the Blazer Baseball team, has major preseason goals to prepare for the 2010 season.
 He admits that during his three years at VSU “getting used to the level of competition” has been a slight challenge but feels that preparing players for the challenge is the first step.
 This can be considered a challenge in itself because the Blazers starts practice on Jan. 10 and the season opens on Feb. 1, leaving only three weeks for preseason practices.
 For Guilliams, a coach handles getting a team prepared for a long season in a short time by keeping things simple. The team’s first meeting no new information is given and repetitions like ground balls and swings are the only thing covered at practice.
 Although the preseason doesn’t last too long, the Blazers use this time to set goals for themselves and the team. 
 “Seniors come up with their goals every year,” Guilliam said.  “Personally my goal for this team will be to come as close as they can to reach their potential.”
 Not only does Guilliams focus on his players on the field, he also wants his players to be prepared for life outside VSU and after graduation.
 Guilliams encourages his players to live by these three rules: “Practice the Golden Rule, give your best effort, and do what’s right.”
 The Blazers also led the nation in homeruns last year and uses this motivation for the upcoming season.

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