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Queen Victoria’s sends us a brilliant time from Britain

 This week we went with a European feel. We went to the new British pub on Baytree Road, Queen Victoria’s.
 The atmosphere was very interesting. With fine furniture in the middle of the restaurant and a decorated bar, it definitely was different than any other American restaurant. The only complaint we would have is that there wasn’t a lot of room. There were only about 5-6 tables and although the other chairs were nice I wouldn’t want to hold my plate and eat in them.
 Having been to London and many pubs during her study abroad trip to England last summer, Molly was excited to go to the pub and see if it met up to her expectations. The answer was yes. The exterior of the restaurant didn’t look like much, but once she entered she was immediately reminded of the relaxed home like atmosphere of pubs around London. The carpet with chairs around the fireplace immediately stood out to her and the cramped sense of the furniture close together reminded her of how cramped pubs typically were in London.
 The service was phenomenal. The servers dressed in their bowler hats were polite and very entertaining.  The owner, Terry Burton, would even come out every once and a while and make a funny, smart aleck comment or two. The staff really tried to make going to the pub and restaurant a fun time.
 Ashley had a classic, the Fish and Chips. It was served on a piece of fake newspaper. The fish was nice and crisp. The Malt vinegar the server suggested for the fish was not so great, but it was interesting to try something new. The fries were good, nothing special there. And the vegetables were cooked well.
 Molly also had a traditional English dish, Bangers and Mash which, for those unfamiliar with the terms, is sausage links and mashed potatoes. The sausage was better than expected. She expected something similar to Jimmy Dean sausage patties, but instead was surprised with a much better taste and texture. The mashed potatoes with gravy were also a treat and made her feel like she was eating at home rather than a restaurant.
 You are going to spend about $6-7 on a meal here. So, it is a pretty good price for what you are getting.
 We had a great time at Queen Victoria’s and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to go to a different kind of place. The upbeat staff and good food made this a very enjoyable experience. The Tasters are giving Queen Victoria’s British Pub and Restaurant five out of five stars.

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