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Newcomer Nathan’s not too shabby

 This week we went over to the new Student Union to try out one of the restaurants. We decided to head to Nathan’s and find out why the hot dogs are famous.
  The atmosphere was hard to judge as far as a restaurant. It is your basic food court kind of feel. What we can say is that the place was clean.It couldn’t really get better for a college campus. Sure it is loud and crowded, but it gives off the feeling of being at a university. The outdoor tables add a nice touch. The dining experience was as good as anyone can expect from an on campus restaurant.
 The service is good for what it is. The line moved pretty fast and we didn’t run into any rude cashiers. Our food order was correct and for what it was Nathans does a good job in service. The are actually faster than a lot of other places on campus.
Ashley got the Buffalo wings and fries. This plate was unique because the sauce was on the side. It was basically like eating fried chicken with hot sauce for dipping. It was a little disappointing because to Ashley, wings taste better when the hot sauce gets to seep into the chicken. The fried chicken was ok, but that’s not what she ordered. The sauce was very good, but would have been even better already cooked into the wings.  The fries were good, but you don’t get that many for what you pay. The fry fork was a good addition and probably one of Ashley’s favorite things. It’s definitely unique. She doesn’t know of any other place you can have a fry fork. For fries, wings, and a drink Ashley paid about $9.
 Michael had a Philly cheese steak with fries and coke. Overall, the meal was well prepared and made for a great lunch. The price was not too high for a Philly but for a college student looking for an on-campus lunch $9 is a little pricy. The Philly was good as far as Phillies go, it was large and full of cheese and steak. That is about all a guy can really ask for. The fries were unique to and they didn’t taste like they were made to order, but who’s kidding who they weren’t. The meal did the job and I would eat there again and again if I had a lunch appetite.
 Price was a little much for a hot dog place. You are going to spend $8-9 on something you could get a lot cheaper from a vendor. If you have Blazer bucks it’s good, but other than that we suggest going elsewhere for your hot dog fix.
 For good service and pretty good food the Tasters are giving Nathan’s 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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