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AFAM hosts Black History Lecture with James Alexander

Attorney James Alexander spoke to students and alumni about his books “Halfway Home From Kinderlou” and “If I Should die before I Wake…What
Will Happen to My Stuff?”
In these books Alexander discusses his happy childhood and growing up in Valdosta.
In his lecture, Alexander discusses living in Valdosta in the 1930’s and learning from the people around him.
“People who had the least
education, had the most sense.” said Alexander. He also discussed his sister Odessa teaching him the alphabet and his grandfather; who is his biggest influence, teaching him about the importance of education.
“Always be responsible for yourself, he would tell me and I have,”Alexander, said.
Alexander read different pieces from his book, Halfway Home from Kinderlou.
“Hello Honey” is a story about an old woman named Melissa who would come and greet Alexander and his friends while they waited for the school buses.
From 1935 to 1945 she would say the same thing “Hello Honey”.
Alexander felt that this woman was important to him
because she would always make him feel better about the day and she didn’t even know it.
Another story was called “Arrangement”. This story was about Mr. Brice, a thief who would go into yards at night to steal chickens.
Mr. Brice decided to steal the wrong person’s chicken and was scared out of the yard by gunshots from an old lady.
These memories are what made up Alexander’s childhood.As he told the audience about his travels through the Air Force, many people he met
assumed that he was a miserable teen. “Many people just assumed since I lived in the South, that I lived in strife. I loved my childhood,”Alexander, said.
In addition to serving in the millitary, at 52 Alexander went back to school to get his law degree from Whittier Law School. From 1991 to 2003 he was also a partner in the law of Adams and Alexander and had locations in Pasedna and Beverly Hills, Calif.
Alexander is a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Appeals (Ninth Circuit), United States District Court (Central District of California) and the state Bar of California.
Alexander also answered questions from students at the end of the lecture.
One student asked if a white man was hired before a black man would that be considered racism.
” First you should ask yourself, is it something I’m doing wrong? Am I as qualified as the the next person? Don’t ever jump to conclusions and assume that it’s about race,”Alexander, said.
When Alexander finished the Q and A section, the Inspirational Section was covered by Melissa Bradely, who sang “Jesus Take the Wheel.”
A special presentation followed with a commerative plaque given to Alexander by
Laverne L. Gaskins, VSU Attorney.
A special pin was given to Alexander by Donald Davis, the Director of the Lowndes County
Historical Museum.
“It is truly an honor” said Davis. After the awards,
Alexander signed books for readers and even greeted some of his old classmates.
His next book will be called Approaching the Forks In the Road. “Its 70 percent done. I love writing. It helps me become more organized.” said
Alexander’s books can be ordered online at
www.halfwayhomefromkinderlou.com and www.jeatrioogy.com

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