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People Poll: Are you a Facebook stalker?

Paul Guzman Jr
mass media major

“I’m not simply because I am not on Facebook a lot.”

Xio Serano-Arce
psychology major

“In a sense yes, because I have certain profiles I frequently visit. I like looking through pictures and checking statuses to see what they’ve been up to. But if people don’t want to be ‘stalked’ why have Facebook?”

Brian Editone
finance major

“I wouldn’t say a stalker. I go on friends’ pages to check pictures and see how old friends are doing.”

Isis Thomas
nursing major

“I don’t go looking for people. They find me on Facebook, and if I don’t know them, they do not get added.”

Bree Storment
marketing major

“I’m not one because I don’t even use Facebook, I don’t have one.”

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