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A productive alternative to complaining

Recently, major budget cuts have been proposed for the University System of Georgia. About $600 million will be taken away from the university system. This is putting major pressure on the schools in the system and VSU is no exception.
Wednesday, VSU President Patrick Schloss held an open meeting to discuss the budget cuts, informing the school that enrollment will not be capped, and job positions are being moved around, among other proposals.
The student backlash throughout the university system is large, but among the protesting and arguing, there was one key point that was missing: an actual solution.
We seem to be wasting a lot of energy on complaining about how hard this is going to make things. Protestors have gone to great pains to inform people that this is going to be hard on them. Well, we’re sure this was very obvious before all the protestors came, so there seems to be a lot of energy being put into stating the obvious.
Now don’t misunderstand. We are not saying to stop talking about it. This needs to be discussed and not shoved under the rug. We are also not trying to downplay how difficult this is on students. We are merely trying to suggest a more productive alternative to complaining.
If you want things to change, think about who will make the change: the state senators. At a meeting, Errol Davis, the chancellor of the University System of Georgia, addressed the senators, pleading with them to reconsider these cuts.
They responded with comments such as, “Everyone gets up here asking not to be cut, but they are going to be,” and other snide remarks.
When the next election comes up, make it clear that students will not be apathetic. The government is supposed to work for its citizens, and that includes us. Tell the senators specifics, like we want them to spread the budget cuts more evenly around programs in the government and not to underestimate the importance of the universities. Damaged education extends to every job that requires an education.
Give your support to candidates who care about education and get out to those polls and get heard in a way that will count.

This editorial was written by Ashley George (ajgeorge@valdosta.edu) and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

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