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Alpha Sigma Alpha recruits new members

The colony of Alpha Sigma Alpha continuesI its efforts to be chartered at VSU.

The ladies have been on campus since August 2009, recruiting and becoming socially involved with the Valdosta community through service and promotion.

Community service seems to be a priority for the colony, whose members have previously participated in events such as the Special Olympics, founding the S. June Smith Center, which provides support for children with special needs, and Relay for Life, according to member Vanessa Stimphile and chairman Kristin Fauntleroy.

The Alpha Sigma Alpha colony has held numerous informal recruitments to gain committed members and create a legacy. “I joined Alpha Sigma in order to break stereotypes as well as join a diverse group of girls with great personalities,” said Stimphile.

Many of the original 44 members only went through one-week recruitments comprised of various social events, as well as “being invited to Tuesday night softball games,” said Stimphile. Events like this allow colony members to get to know those interested in joining and see if they show a dedication to community service. “We are looking for girls who are driven leaders that are ready to work,” says Stimphile.

There are currently 56 active members of the colony. On Monday, they set up a display board in the Student Union and wore pledge pins around campus in hopes of attracting members.

Other than having leadership qualities, “one must acquire a 2.5 or higher GPA if she is an entering freshmen from high school or a 2.25 or higher if she is already in college; she must also be a full-time student with much interest in community service,” said Fauntleroy.

“[Upon] becoming a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, one must work hard and truly be driven; we are the underdogs on campus and must gain trust and respect from our community, Greek life, and peers; our motto is to ‘Aspire, Seek, and Attain,’” said Fauntleroy.

EDITORIAL NOTE: As of August 26, 2011, the Spectator would like to point out that Kristin Fauntleroy and Vanessa Stimphile are no longer associated with Alpha Sigma Alpha. While Kristin Fauntleroy was briefly involved with Alpha Sigma Alpha, she never accepted a bid for membership.

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  1. Kristin Fauntleroy

    I was never initiated as a member or chairman to a chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha.
    The content of this article was written from a misunderstanding.

    Kristin Fauntleroy

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