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Hibachi Grill comes out average

This week we went to the newly opened Hibachi Bar & Grill on Baytree Rd. It opened March 1 and we were there for the first day. This is basically an Asian buffet with a few regular buffet items added in.
The atmosphere was one we’ve seen before. It looked nice in some ways, but a lot of the decorations were a little tacky. There was a nice looking pond-like fountain in the entrance area, but it was filled with plastic, toy-looking lily-pads. It was a crowded place, which could be expected, but the lack of walking room in certain areas causes some confusion for passing diners and servers carrying loads of dishes and drinks. Overall it was exactly what is to be expected from a Japanese buffet restaurant.
The service was OK. They make you pay for your food before you even get seated, which we didn’t like. That means if you get a bad meal, you have already paid, so there is not as much you can do about it. The waitress was polite and attentive enough, but it was rather unclear as to what the waitress and hostess expected from us, especially at the beginning of the dining experience. However, after the initial uncertainty, the staff warmed up and was increasing helpful throughout the meal.
Ashley had a mix of items typically found at buffets. The only unique things she had was pot stickers, which were a little dry, and sushi, which both Ashley and Michael found to be very good. However, there was not much of a selection of sushi items, because they had to have ingredients that could sit out for a while. All the rest was your basic buffet food, and with it sitting out so long, some of it inevitably gets dry. One nice thing was this chili sauce they put at every table. It was really hot, but very good.
Michael tried some fried rice and the General Tso’s chicken with some teriyaki chicken. The second plate consisted of a trip to the hibachi grill, located in the center of the restaurant. The food was prepared to order, right down to the type of sauce in which it was cooked, but the variety of ingredients was largely lacking.
The price was a little more expensive than a regular Asian buffet, but it had a slightly wider selection. For lunch and a drink you are going to pay about $8, and for dinner you pay a dollar more.
For OK service and pretty good food, the Tasters are giving Hibachi Bar & Grill three and a half out of five stars.

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