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People Poll: What should VSU cut from spending?

Asya Greenwood
journalism major

“I think that VSU spends money effectively and cutting $9 million would negatively
impact the progress of the

Erica Whitaker
education major

“I think the movie theater in the UC should be cut off
because there’s really no use for it.”

J.J. Wortham
journalism major

“VSU should cut the expenses used to supply Palms. With Hopper dining and other places to eat, there is no use for Palms.”

Catherine Ledford
English major

“I think the main thing that should be cut is either Palms or Hopper dining. Having two is redundant, and while it gives students options, it also increases the cost of supplying and general upkeep of both. If not that, then move the dining at the UC to campus and leave a store like Langdale’s there.”

Ansley Taylor
nursing major

“I believe that the money should be cut from landscaping and other beautification projects. Money needs to be used more effectively for education rather than replacing flowers

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