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Don’t be senseless, fill out the census

Imagine if you had to sit in silence for ten years, watching everyone around you making decisions about your life and you had no say. Wake up VSU, this is a reality. The United States census only happens every ten years and many people don’t take the advantage of letting their voices be heard.
We have all seen the commercials, advertisements and billboards urging us all to fill out these forms. Well, here is another urge. As we have mentioned before, the form has been modified from its previous now being only ten questions. That simply makes it easier and quicker to fill out.
Now I know you are probably thinking, why I should complete a census, or I really don’t care.
Well think about this, ten years from now, where will you be? Most of us will be out of school, looking to start careers, or even continuing our adult life. Your voice should be heard now about what you need and or want in the future.
According to the Census Bureau, the federal government distributes more than $400 billion to state, local and tribal governments based on their data received.
Data is used by leaders to plan and make decisions about new schools, roads, hospitals and other facilities that communities may or may not need. But we can’t be provided these things unless our voices are heard.
The census is also important to future college students. The data received determines what grant and loan programs are needed at colleges and universities. Therefore, it is important that we as college students take out the time to fill it out.
Living on or off campus does not limit you to filling out a census.
According to the VSU web site, census forms can be delivered or mailed to students living off campus and students living on campus can receive a census form from residence hall staff.
With this convenience, students should be motivated even more to fill out their forms.
Remember, April 1 is National Census Day. Fill yours out, and let your future be in your hands. A closed mouth does not get fed.

This editorial was written by Danielle Everson (dveverson@valdosta.edu) and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

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