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Life as a student athlete

While many student athletes are viewed as strictly workhorses, they still have time off their respective sports to do other things. Certainly from person to person these extracurriculars vary, but the answer might not be what stereotypes would lead you to believe.
“A lot of people think that we sit around and watch ESPN and play Madden in our spare time because we are athletes, but most of our time is spent either at the field house, in class, or keeping our grades up. We have to find the right balance to help us succeed not only on the field, but in the classroom as well,” Matt Godfrey, senior offensive lineman of the Blazers football team, said.
With many of their hours dedicated to practicing their craft, most athletes have to have great time management skills to keep their priorities in order.
“Playing football was fun, especially since we won the national championship my freshman year,” junior Mark McWhorter said. “But now that I am not playing, it has become much easier to manage my life and spend more time on school and other hobbies.”
Being able to play a sport in college appears to be a blessing not only at VSU, but at other colleges as well. Many student athletes are able to afford college because of the scholarships they receive to play.
Many students struggle just to keep their grades up and maintain the balance between their school and social lives, without having to deal with the grueling year of practices and games. Student athletes have that much more to worry about.

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