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Hibachi Express, a cheap alternative

This week we went to a new Japanese place, Hibachi Express on Ashley Street. Hibachi Express promised good Japanese food fast.
Turning in the parking lot, we could smell the aroma of the hibachi grill, making our mouths water.
Once we walked inside, we noticed the atmosphere was definitely that of a college hangout.
There wasn’t really a play of authenticity, apart from some bamboo decorations and a few pictures of Japan. There were no Japanese people working at the restaurant, and it was clear that college students made up most of the work force by the tip jar saying “For poor college students.”
All in all, it seemed like a nice place for students to hang out, as that’s primarily who was there.
The service was good. The cashier was polite and they quickly bring your food to you after you pick up a number. In that way it was kind of like McAlister’s.
Ashley had a full portion of the hibachi steak. It was a huge mound of rice with vegetables and a bunch of steak. She couldn’t finish it all. It tasted just like food from a more expensive hibachi grill, although it wasn’t as good as what you would get at a show, of course. It was essentially fast food, but good fast food. For a large portion and a 32-ounce drink, Ashley spent about $8.
The price is one of the best things about Hibachi Express. You can get a lot of good food for about $5-6.

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