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Facebook criticism unprofessional

There is an expression: “Do not throw stones if you live in a glass house.” A pretty good piece of advice, especially for people who are in the public “spotlight.”
I’m not going to lie; this is directed at a certain person: our SGA president, Kelli Cody.
I really did not want to write this – honestly, but I felt it was necessary to address the fact that I feel that students in a leadership position on campus, including myself, should be held responsible for what they say and do – even on Facebook.
On April 22, Cody posted on her wall that “[she] thinks The Spectator is a waste of trees. Stop killing the tress with your uneducated nonsense nobody reads! Happy Earth Day.”
Okay. Criticism can be a constructive thing, and The Spectator has done its fair share of criticizing, so I am all for it, but there has to be a certain level of professionalism.
Is criticizing another student entity over a Facebook status professional? Probably not.
What really got to me though, was an earlier post.
On April 15, Cody posted on her wall “[she] thinks Kenny Bush can go to hell.”
(For those who do not know who Kenny Bush is, he is one of our columnists and sometimes can have a strong opinion.)
Again, I am all for freedom of speech and the ability to criticize something that you do not agree with, but this is taking it a step too far.
As the SGA president (and please listen, Demario Jones) you should maintain a certain level of professionalism, and, Kelli, you have not demonstrated that.
If there is something you do not like we are always accepting Letters to the Editor or even a discreet e-mail expressing your dissatisfaction. I have had only one exchange of e-mails with Kelli in September of 2009, and only one letter was submitted and published promptly afterward. I have not received anything else since.
If The Spectator is such “a waste of trees” and Kenny’s opinion struck you ill, then I would have liked to give you the opportunity to back up your opinion, in a venue that reflects a certain level of professionalism. But you thought Facebook seemed like a better place to do it.
I will admit, I would have not know about any of this if it was not brought to my attention, and honestly I would not have said anything if it was just the post about The Spectator as a whole, but do not get me confused, I WILL support my writers and posts like “Kenny Bush can go to hell” is in no way acceptable for a person in your position.
I am not going to put you under the microscope and point out every little thing that went wrong during your presidency; that would be unfair and unprofessional.
It is hard to lead a group of people with different ideas and values; I know this firsthand, and it is an accomplishment in itself to get one thing done, but I would never take my opinion to a social networking site, and backhandedly criticize someone else.
The bottom line is show some professionalism and dignity and address your concerns in a public venue, as you are a public figure, not through your Facebook.
I really hope this resonates with the next president.

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