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Student runs from police outside University Center

 On Sept. 7, VSU student Broderick Turner was arrested and charged with obstruction of a peace officer outside of the University Center.
 VSU police officer, Cpl. Joshua Luke, was securing the UC around 9 p.m. when he observed Turner running from Bazemore-Hyder stadium to the UC breezeway. Luke intercepted Turner on the west side of the breezeway by the outside ATM machine where he had already been stopped by Valdosta police officer William Shirley. 
 Luke reported that Turner had given up until Shirley attempted to place him under arrest. Turner then became loud and aggressive with the officers.
 According to Luke’s police report, Turner’s violent behavior and personality changes indicated that he was possibly under the influence of a controlled substance.
 Due to Turner’s sporadic behavior, Luke saw it fit to apply a burst of Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray) to Turner’s face which reportedly had no effect.
 Once Luke exhausted all other tactics, the officers used physical force to take Turner to the ground. Reportedly, Turner was extremely combative and wrestled with the officers for several minutes without being subdued.
 Due to the extended struggle between Turner and the officers along with the reportedly uncommon physical size and strength of Turner, the officers became fatigued and could not place Turner in handcuffs and feared the situation may have escalated to a deadly force scenario.
 According to the VSU police report, Turner then attempted to get up. At this point, Luke was able to take Turner down again by applying a rear “naked choke hold” which he was trained to perform at the South Georgia Police Academy. Once Turner was in Luke’s grasp, Shirley was able to place Turner in handcuffs.
 Reportedly, even in handcuffs, Turner was still combative and it took both officers to secure him.  Once secured, Luke and Shirley were able to radio units from the local law enforcement. Luke reported that even with the additional police force, Turner still resisted arrest and it took approximately 10 officers to place him in the rear of a patrol car.
 Turner was transported to Lowndes County Jail where the staff refused to accept him due to excited delirium. Turner was then taken to South Georgia Medical Center.
 Both the Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct, Richard Lee and Major Ann Farmer of VSUPD have been notified of the incident.

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