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Bloo Woods: developing career in photography

 Edrick “Bloo” Woods, junior mass media major, is an up and coming photographer at VSU.
 Woods began photography in high school. However, he did not get serious with it until 2009 when he was able to save enough money to buy the camera he wanted.
 Woods’ mother, a former model, raised him around photography all his life.
 “My inspiration comes from the memories tagged in each photo,” Woods said. “That’s why this form of art is so unique. Although you can just pick up a camcorder and show everything that happens, it’s a different view from a photograph.”
 Woods takes photos because he felt like he never saw anyone frown behind a camera.
 Woods’ role model in photography is music video director Hype Williams.
 “Hype is one of the best music video directors hip hop has laid eyes on, and is known to use fish-eye effects and flashy artistic scenes to tell a story,” Woods said. “He worked with every music genre from rap to rock. I really think that without his imprint on the visual music world, my art would be lack-luster.”
 Not only does Woods like to take the pictures, but he also loves to edit other media, as well. In addition to photography, Woods also does cinematography and produces music. He stated that he is “cheating on music with photography” at the moment, however.
 In Valdosta, the hard working photographer has already worked more than 20 photo shoots with students around campus. Woods has also done around 70 shoots with models, music artists, and clubs in the Atlanta area.
 Woods is now working on creating the “Drop Out Society,” a networking association built on the motto: “Turn your hobbies into a career choice”.
 “I just noticed a lot of talented Blazers around campus and wanted to create something that reflects their talents, while helping each other hone their traits,” Woods said. “This also helps me find models to add to my portfolio, along with other aspiring photographers, music junkies, and other artistically inclined individuals.”
 Photography is slowly taking over Woods’ life.
 “I love what I do and I love how art has changed me into the person I am today,” Woods said.“Photography is not a job to me; it’s a part of me”
 Getting in contact with Woods for a photo shoot is very simple. He can be reached on Facebook under the name “Bloo Woods” and you can also email him at blootwenty2@gmail.com.    Woods’ portfolio is also available online at www.blootwenty2.com.
 The prices for photo shoots are generally $45 for 120 frames and 50 edited shots.

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