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VSU quarterbacks under fire

 So it seems our quarterbacks have had a string of bad luck.    It’s just our luck that our potential starting quarterback, Russ Callaway, tears his ACL during a preseason scrimmage and right before the “quarterback face-off.”  Next, shortly following the second game, Jimmy Coy quits.  No injury, just a result of his whining and ultimately punking out after being benched due to a dismal performance. 
 Now Brett Whitmire, our current starting quarterback dislocates his shoulder.  I’m not sure how exactly to take this information, but I’m pretty nervous for our next quarterback.  If only Jimmy Coy would have stuck around.
 I truly feel bad for the quarterbacks that were injured, and I think we should be more careful taking care of our quarterbacks. 
 Think about it: these guys make sure the ball gets down the field, they keep some sort of consistency on the team and now each quarterback we have had is either injured or, in the case of one, a wimp.
 On a more serious note, I take pride in sitting in the stands cheering for our Blazers, watching my peers paint their bodies red and black and stand in any weather, rain or shine. 
 I wish Callaway, Whitmire, and the rest of our Blazers luck on the upcoming games.  I’ll be cheering for you guys.

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