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Campus ‘Thinks Pink’

 As Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October is dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of breast cancer and just how many people suffer from the disease each day.
 Many student organizations on campus are in on the effort to raise awareness about Breast Cancer, but the most prominent one is Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.   The pink signs around campus are just some of their handy work to get the message about how terrible breast cancer is.
 Other promotional efforts include pink ribbons and information tables on Wednesdays.
 “We kicked off the month by painting the campus pink with pink ribbons, informational signs, and sidewalk chalk all over campus,” Hannah Spears, ZTA President, said. “At the tables you will also be able to sign a sheet sign for $1 for a loved one who has lost the fight or is fighting breast cancer.”
 The two most important events on campus are the 5K marathon around campus and the annual Pink-Out Game on Oct. 23, when ZTA “pinks” Bazemore-Hyder Stadium for the Arkansas-Monticello football game starting at 2 p.m.
 In order to completely “pink out” the stadium, ZTA asks that anyone who attends to wear pink to show support for people fighting breast cancer.
 As the month progresses, ZTA will continue to spread the word about breast cancer and the dangers it can pose.
 Most women who have breast cancer have to go through months, possibly years, of chemotherapy treatment, and even mastectomies, to get rid of the tumors.
 And after the struggle and pain of cancer, some survivors may fear that even though they may be in “remission”, they may not be completely “cured.”
 According to the official National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website, breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women, with over 190,000 new cases expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year alone.
 Out of that 190,000, roughly 40,000 women are expected to die because of cancer.
 However, men are also at risk for breast cancer.
 Even though less than one percent of all breast cancer cases are detected in males, the disease should not be taken lightly.    Breast cancer is a deadly infection that, even with somewhat suitable odds for recovery, is a formidable opponent for the medical community.
 “You can never educate people too much about the second leading cause of cancer among women,” Spears said. “Although most people know about it, most people do not realize the prevalence or severity of the disease. One out of eight women dies of breast cancer, and one person dies almost every thirteen seconds from it.”
 According to Spears, early detection is the best protection when trying to deal with breast cancer.
 Women should try to have at least an annual mammogram to make sure there are no problems; knowing is half the battle.
 That’s what Breast Cancer Awareness Month is for; promoting awareness and educating the public about the dangers of breast cancer.
 ZTA takes pride in doing their part, as it’s a big portion of their philanthropy and their responsibility to inform VSU.
 With fundraising for breast cancer research, VSU ZTA has raised over $24,000 in the last two years.
 This year they hope to add to that money in an increased effort to support those who are fighting breast cancer.
 “Anyone who is dealing with breast cancer should always remember to keep their head up and never stop fighting,” Spears said.
 For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, visit www.nbcam.com to learn more about breast cancer and the effort going into breast cancer research.

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  1. Alice McCann Mathews

    It is impressive what the Zeta Tau Alphas are doing at VSU to raise awareness against the deadly disease of breast cancer. I am proud to be an alumna of this group and take pride that these women are working so hard for such an important cause. Keep it up ladies!

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