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Study tips in time for finals

 Ever wonder how other people study? Or maybe how they get comfortable enough to concentrate? At VSU, students definitely have different ways of getting focused.
“I take off my pajamas, and wear jeans or any other piece of tight clothing,” Hyemin Lee, a freshmen sociology major, said. “It keeps my body awake and tense, otherwise I would fall asleep.”

 Some students use constant motion to get their brain cells working.

 “In the course of my study time, I have to move to five or six different places inside my house,” Cassie Burke, a sophomore psychology major, said. “For some reason, every half an hour I have to change my study location and go somewhere else. It’s not so much weird as it is annoying.”

 Chelsea Matthews, a sophomore political science major, has her own way of enforcing what she is studying.

 “Whenever I study, I run on the treadmill for about half an hour, or do sit ups or pushups or maybe even jog in place,” Matthews said. “That way I can multitask.”

 Many students have ordinary study habits, such as listening to music, making pneumonic devices, or color coded flash cards.

 Some students, on the other hand, have very specific ways of relaxing.

 “I have to make sure my room is completely clean before I study,” Justin William, a junior biology and chemistry major, said. “If not, then I get antsy.”

 Many students turn to caffeinated drinks, others have other mind stimulating alternatives.

 “I have to drink two cups of green tea every time I study,” Meredith Johnson, a senior mass media major said.

 As you prepare for finals week, consider these tips or create your own unique ways to study.

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