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Britney’s back, Regis is out, Choo announces new men’s line

 Hello fellow pop addicts out there!
This week is almost over and with the madness that has been going on with the bookstore, and the lack of cash you will have after the bookstore, and the gloomy weather, Pop Addict has something to make you smile or at least get you over until Friday.

 Who’s ready for the 10th season of American Idol?    American Idol has a whole new show for its viewers this season. Randy Jackson is still holding down his position as AI’s judge, but he has a different panel to vote “yes” to new talent.   

 Sexy, pop singer Jennifer Lopez and the legend rocker Steven Tyler from Aerosmith join Jackson this season.

 Speaking of Lopez, infamous blogging king Perez Hilton has it out for her new song on his site. Hilton made it his business to call out Miss J.Lo’s new hit, “On the Floor.”

 He claims that Lopez’s song sounds a lot like reggaeton pop star, Kat Deluna’s “Party O’clock.” .

 If you have GaGa on your mind, then get ready for February!

 On Feb.13th, the music revolution, Lady GaGa will be releasing her new single from her 3rd album, Born This Way. Her highly anticipated album is set to drop in May.

 If you are Team Britney, the Queen of Pop is officially holding down the charts with her new single, “Hold It against Me,” that was released last week.

 There is no B.S. in her sales that’s for sure. She topped Billboard Digital Songs Chart and murdered America’s country sweetheart, Taylor Swift’s previous record sales.

 Television won’t be the same anymore now that Regis has finally thrown in the towel.

 Regis Philbin from the popular daytime TV show, Live with Regis and Kelly, broke the news on his show that, after 28 years,  this was his last year on the show.

 Guys if you have an out of this world shoe fetish, then be on the lookout for veteran designer Jimmy Choo’s new male shoe line. Choo is designing kicks from the above average high top sneak s to boots that will make your girl take three steps behind you.

  Is it safe to say that hip hop favorite and Degrassi veteran Drake is doing too much?Radio personalityCharlamagne Tha God relased semi- naked pics of Drake,after Drake called hima loser for mocking him and making fun of his eyebrows.  I’m starting to think that little Jimmy is craving attention for his upcoming album.

 It is officially the end of days, people.

 First, it was birds dropping dead from the sky in Alabama, and then there were the dead crickets found across the South and the dead fish found in Chicago, Maryland, Brazil and New Zealand. Now, we have dead cows?

  Wisconsin has reported that 200 cows were found dead in their owner’s field. I wonder what are next, zebras in Africa?

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