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SodaPot, ‘Skin’, ‘Rolling Papers’

Happy Thursday you addicts!

Haven’t the last couple of days been insane! With Valdosta’s water plant going out, using boiled and bottled water just to shower and brush your teeth, thank goodness the week is almost over. But not before I recap the week.

This weekend had to be a killer for all the Chicago fans, and I already know New Yorkers are throwing up birds left to right at Pittsburgh’s Steelers but Super Bowl XLV is made for winners!

Pittsburgh’s fans get ready to bring out those “terrible towels” on Feb. 6 because the Packers aren’t playing around. The Bay wants a ring!

Speaking of Pittsburg (black and yellow, black and yellow), its native MC Wiz Khalifa is rolling in March. It is official Wiz Fans out there. Khalifa tweeted to the world on Tuesday that his new album, Rolling Papers, will debut March 29 with Atlantic Records.

While we’re talking about albums, let’s give our bohemian pop star a round of applause for going platinum on her 5th album, LOUD.

Not only is Rihanna going platinum, the red head has been very busy. She has a new video coming out soon for her hit single S&M, also from LOUD, and a beautifully designed perfume called Reb’l Fleur to hit stores in February.

Go ahead Rih Rih!

The loud pop princess isn’t the only one giving the world a new video. Hip hop’s favorite female emcee, Nicki Minaj, will be airing her new video for Moment 4 Life today on MTV, so stay on the lookout for that!

In a business where money blows as fast as you make it, Ke$ha knows more about that than anyone since she’s getting sued for $14 million after ditching her managers at DAS Communications.

Her former managers are suing her for breach of contract by the interference of her new manager. I bet she wishes she would have stayed when she saw her bank statement at the end.

It’s a hard knock life, but not for Jigga Man, Jay Z. The respected New York MC/ entrepreneur has his hands and pockets into a new project that will take over the big screens soon.

There have been rumors floating around that Jay is remaking the classic musical and movie, Annie, and will feature little Miss Willow Smith as the lead. Well, those rumors were confirmed today and posted on MTV’s website.

For the people who can’t get enough of Snookie on Jersey Shore, you will definitely get enough of her on her new reality show with JWoww.

The two will finally be the center of their own show, but I don’t think JWoww is going to benefit from the experience at all. JWoww and Snookie are supposed to be roommates, but Snookie is not the roomie that JWoww thought she would be.

The show seems interesting enough for me to see how long the guidettes last before they turn on each other.

While Snookie and JWoww may never find sisterly love, Oprah did on her show Monday.

Oprah was reunited with her half sister, Patricia, from Milwaukee. Their mom gave Patricia up for adoption in 1963 when she was 9 years old.

Patricia known since 2007 that Oprah was her sister, but the queen of daytime TV didn’t find out until Thanksgiving. Oprah didn’t have much of a secret but her sister did, and it paid off big time!

Can’t we all just get along?

Teen mom from season 1, Amber Portman gives paparazzi favorite, Kim Kardashian, a piece of her mind. Kardashian wrote on her blog that Teen Mom wasn’t a very good role for teen girls and the show also promotes teen pregnancy.

To make a long story short, Portman wasn’t pleased with her entry and wrote a statement of her own tell Kardashian that she should watch who she is pointing her fingers at with her sex tape and all.

Next time Kimmy Cakes will keep her thoughts to herself if she doesn’t want her past to be dug up again.

While teen moms bump heads with Kim, MTV’s new teen drama, Skin, is also sparking a little fire with the Parents Television Council.

PTC isn’t happy with MTV’s premiere of the show because they believe that the show promotes teen sex and drug abuse.

PTC is targeting all Skin’s advertisers, like H&R Block, L’Oreal, and Foot Locker, to unplug the show. I wonder how long this show is going to last with angry parents gunning for it.

Now there are some things in the world that make me stop and ask WTF, like this crazy new soda in Colorado called Soda Pot.

Yes, there is pot in that name for a reason because the soda contains THC, a chemical found in marijuana. The state is introducing this soda to its residents to be used for medical reasons only.

Get this, it comes in four flavors—Doc Weed, lemon-lime Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, and Orange Kush—and runs from $10-$15 a 12 ounce bottle, but you won’t be able to find it anywhere other than medical marijuana dispensaries.

Another insane week brings another wild fix for our addiction, until next time addicts keep Pop Addict in your tweets and walls on Facebook (#getaddicted).

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