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Black History week on a post-racial campus

At this point in “Post-Racial America”, the celebration of Black History Month on most predominately white campuses (such as VSU) and a sizable portion of black campuses is relatively arbitrary. We don’t fully understand the connotations of the celebration, yet out of a commitment to rote tradition, we do it every year.

 The people that are heralded are usually the ones that are most easily recognized and we always take care to parse out the parts that are the most revolutionary about them. It is not enough for us to be disgustingly ignorant about the truth, but to purposely, yet conspicuously encourage an environment that is remiss of even a hint of what these celebrated people advocated for in their lives is wreckless and insulting.

 For the people that are content with reminding everyone that black people and other people of color are not all criminals and that they actually had some achievements other than running the fastest, holding a scoring record, or becoming the 44th president…have a great time at the weeklong celebration held here. For those of us at our wit’s end with the obliviousness of this campus pertaining to the needs of its students of color, do MLK, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, and whomever else they’ll mention during the celebration and let’s start exercising the power of our minds…please wake up and see what is going on here and around us.

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