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Cyrus concerned, MTV staple returns

 What’s up you POP addicts? I hope cupid treated you better than he did me on Valentine’s Day. I actually heard some people saying that they no longer recognized Feb.14 as V-Day but “Single’s Awareness Day.”

I know some single people became aware when the flowers, hearts and candy became unbearable out on the pedestrian walk around noon, but we’re not here to reminisce about that bitter past. It’s time to feed your addiction!

So the Grammys were okay this year. There were some great performances and some puzzling ones. Some of the wardrobes could have been better, but overall it was good.

Some people were a tad bit disappointed with the some of the award winners, like the fans losing their minds when Justin Bieber didn’t win Best New Artist. Poor Esperanza Spaulding received the dirty end of the stick with all the horrible tweets from Bieber’s fans. Justin needs to get more control of his larger than life fan base.  

Even though Bieber fans were disappointed, Rihanna’s fans got a little peek-a-boo at what she was working with on the red carpet with that dress of hers. The red head worked her stuff on stage during her performance of her hot single, “What’s My Name.”

She worked those hips to the reggaeton beat. Some of her moves reminded me of the choreography from Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” video, though. Still, Rihanna isn’t living high off the Grammys.

Rhi Rhi has a little trouble with her raunchy song, “S&M.” Her so-called discrete title got her restricted from YouTube and banned in 11 countries. She pleads her case saying her “Umbrella” video was no different from “S&M,” but in “Umbrella” she did not talk about how whips and chains excite her.

While Rihanna needs to leave the raunchy/naughty girl act alone, Beyonce is about get back on the scene and show these youngsters what the true meaning of diva is—and it doesn’t include sleazy.

 No date has been mentioned, but there are rumors of producers and writers who are selling their kidney to get on her upcoming album. Who can blame them, it’s Bey we’re talking about here!

For the Bruno Mars fans out there, Mars will be touring with Janelle Monae and the dates are up with ticket sales starting Feb. 26. The creative and musically talented duo has named their tour “Hooligan in Wondaland”—sounds interesting. With the performance they gave Sunday night, I know they are going to put on a fabulous show.

Bruno is making fans happy and Miley is making daddy worry. Yes, Billy Ray Cyrus has great concerns about his shining, though reckless, star Miley Cyrus (who will always be Hannah Montana to me).

 He claims that Miley “destroyed” her family in an interview with GQ, but if anything he should stop pointing fingers about his dysfunctional family and start taking more of the blame. Even though little miss Hannah is off the wall right now, he pushed her into the lime light. So quit bashing and be a father.

Great news for Radiohead fans, the band will be dropping a new album on Sunday. The album, “The King of Limbs,” will be available digitally and the physical version will be available with a deluxe version in May. So if you can’t wait, go ahead and get it this weekend.

While Radiohead is getting ready to come out of their fan’s speakers, Katy Perry is set for Mars. Well, not literally, but her new single, “E.T.,” featuring Kanye West, is very hot and catchy. Not only is the song great, the single’s artwork is smoking!  

Speaking of smoking, who was high when they thought about bringing Beavis and Butt-Head back? If you thought that was a typo then you thought wrong because those sickos are returning to MTV this summer.

So for all of you who crave for the days you used to watch Beavis and Butt-Head, now you can relive the past in the future, but if they can bring those idiots back, can I have Daria back?

Well that’s all I have for you addicts this week! Remember to tell others to pick up their copy of The Spectator. Pop Addict is a drug that needs its readers to move it around! #teamPOPADDICT! Follow us on twitter and Facebook. Stay addicted. Deuces!

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