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Pop Addict: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Who’s enjoying this lovely weather so far this week? I see some of the girls have brought out their dresses and sandals—giving the guys something to take a second look at! Go ahead with your bad self then.

Now, it’s time to fix you guys a serving of what’s been happening in the lives of the rich, the famous, and the reckless.

Remember last week when I told you all that Carmelo Anthony was in a toggle war between the Nets and the Knicks? Well, the Knicks shut the Nets down and came out on top! Melo is set for NEW YORK and Brooklyn’s finest couldn’t be any happier.

While N.Y. is welcoming Melo to the Knicks, Los Angeles is shaking its head at the Lakers on their lost against the Cavs. I guess “Mr.  All-time-MVP,” Kobe Bryant, couldn’t pull that win off. Either the Cavs wanted to prove something to Lebron or Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, had that leash around his neck too tight?

Even though the Lakers’ fans will never live the lost against the Cavs down, neither will Alabama State with that video of that riot that broke out in the cafeteria. For all of you who haven’t seen the video—which I can’t see how, with it being posted on everybody’s Facebook and Twitter page—those kids were too outrageous!

VSU has had their share of fights in the library (rowdy locals, oh excuse me, residents of Valdosta) and food fights in Palms during Cram Jam because freshmen wanted to relive high school for a minute, but at least we can say we never had a chair-flying table-flipping-50 plus-brawl in the union.  The officials at that school need to step it up most definitely.

Now that we learned from ASU that violence is not the answer (R.I.P. Martin Luther King), can somebody please tell me what in the world Kanye West had going on in his new video, “All of the Lights?” Hype Williams is the man when it comes to directing, but he kind of slacked off in that video.

I’m going to break the video down in four steps. Ready?

1) Kanye clearly has a problem with the law or a fascination with cop lights.

2) He has a little girl that no one knew of until his album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

3) When he mentioned “ghetto university” in the song, it’s his twisted way of saying domestic violence.

4) Everybody and their mom in the music industry were featured or had some type of hand in that song.

A lot, isn’t it? It is, so if you haven’t checked out the video, do so and come up with your own conclusion.

Ok, is it just me or does actor Charlie Sheen from “Two and a Half Men”, seem to be getting away with murder right now? He’s like who Lindsey Lohan wishes she could be right now.

Sheen is the only person I know who can get paid more than the network that plays the TV show, and openly get caught with strippers and cocaine, then have the producers wait on him hand and foot until he finishes “home” rehab to continue shooting the show. Sheen is amazing! Who needs that TV series when we can get “Sheen” reality TV? Lohan, look and take notes, and get a lawyer to write a better moral clause in your contract.

Oh that Bieber kid knows how to keep his fans interested. Mr. “MVP of the All-Star game”, Justin Bieber, got his hair cut to finally look his age of 16, and his fans go into shock as if he went bald or something. The haircut actually looks better than that bowl cut he was rocking. The look is fresh, keep it up Bieber!

If anyone needs to cut anything it needs to be the Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim. I’m beginning to think that the self-destructing female MC is delusional. First, she makes a mixtape dissing Nicki Minaj—a no-no.

Then, she puts it on sale when everybody knows mix tapes are free and blames “haters” for the reason why the sales are super low/non-existent. No sweetie, the mix tape is whack that’s why your sales are low.

I hope that Kesha has a little more luck with her dance remix to her albums, “Animal” and “Cannibal.” The remix is due to hit stores March 22, so be on the lookout for that, and “haters” beware, Lil’ Kim has already snitched that you all are cutting into artist’s CD sales.

No matter how pop and hip-hop may suffer with sales, one “rockin” group doesn’t have to worry about that, and that is the Foo Fighters! They are back with their single, “Rope,”which is ready to download on March 1. Their new album, “Wasting Light,” will be out April 12. So all Foo fans, the wait might be long, but the highly anticipated single is right around the corner!

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